06 July, 2013

How to Format Android Mobile without losing Application?

 Mobile is a very useful device for communication. As we know that use of mobile is rapidly increase day by day. Today’s market The Android Mobile is very hot favorite in public. What is an Android? An Android is a Linux Based operating system, which is used for touch screen mobile and tablets. It means it is a mini computer, so it need format. Sometimes, we found that our mobile is very slow in operation. At that time we want to format it for increase its speed. But how can we format our mobile without losing our important data? Don’t worry, you are at right place.

If you are using Android Mobile then this article will useful to format your mobile without losing any installed application or data. There are many ways to format Android mobile but there is a chance to lose installed application, contacts, sms & other important programs. At here, I explained you How to format your mobile without losing any application.

Before formatting your device

  • First of all you need to backup the data stored on your device. For that purpose, use the Menu item “Back up data”. If this option is not available on your device, then install any third-party application or backup manager that stores your data on memory card  from play store. This is useful to backup your data like contacts, sms, call logs etc. on your memory card. I am using “super backup” for this operation.

  • Then install such a application which is useful to backup your installed application from play store. Then backup your installed application on memory card, which will save in folder like Fast installer, Root Uninstaller or Easy Backup. It must be .apk file only. I am using “App Share” for this operation on my mobile. If you using App share then this data will save in memory cardàFastUninstaller folder.

  • Copy all other data from your phone memory to memory card.

Steps to follow for format the mobile

  1. Go to Main Menu

  1. Select settings

  1. Then select primary settings

  1. Personal data à Factory data reset.

  1. Then Reset data. (There is an option to format your memory card or not.  Please do not format your memory card.)

Now, your mobile is formatting, it will take a few minute. This operation will remove the Google accounts, emails and uninstall all of the downloaded application, which is stored in the mobile. The system programs and packages will never remove with this Operation. Your mobile will restart automatically.

Now, Enter all the basic data by following the instructions on mobile display like, Language, Date & Time, Google account etc. You can skip this Option and set it latterly.

After formatting your device

  • After formatting your mobile, first of all install your selected application from your memory card. For that purpose Open your Memory card go to  FastUninstaller Folder or like that.

  • Open .apk files and install it on your mobile one by one.

  • Install your contacts, sms call logs etc from memory card with the help of super backup manager.

Tips :

If you want to format your memory card then copy your data like contacts, sms, call logs and all backups on computer, then format it. After that recover your data from computer to memory card.

That’s all friends, this is the simple method to format your Android mobile without losing a single application. If you have any doubt on this article then please ask me and you have any suggestions or like this article then comment on this. 


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